Ephesians 5:24

This is just a poetic response to something posted on Twitter. I think in modern society it’s difficult for any woman to submit to men because of the never-ending example the world has to offer. We seem as a ‘god-fearing’ society, to be so far removed from even understanding God’s purpose in ‘Husbands Love your Wives’, and ‘Wives submit to your husbands’, that it seems we can’t even trust our Christian families as we look at the divorce rate among Christian families.

Debbi: “One of the hardest things for a Christian woman to do is submit to a man who doesn’t submit to Christ.


Broken homes, broken fathers, broken mothers; Missing fathers, single mothers, cheating spouses.

Lack of education replaced by political radicalization; A government that lies, cheats, murders, steals by men of both political affiliation

Men who look at Child Support as a burden; men who weren’t there before the divorce, when their children needed supporting

We have Presidents who think it’s okay to grab women by…. and Senators who send images to girls barely out of the nursery.

I see nothing but these images by the hour; and I wonder why my wife can’t submit to me like Christ, the ultimate power.

It’s time for us to return to our roots, to seek, learn, and understand what is biblically true; and return as families back to Him, starting with the Pew.